Vessco Inc

Vessco Inc.

Brian DeWolf, CEO and Board Director, Vessco Holdings
Dick Corbett, CEO Vessco, Inc and Board Director, Vessco Holdings
Dan Axelson, CFO, Vessco Holdings

Vessco, Inc. is a leader in the supply of water and wastewater technology. We are representatives of the best equipment in today’s water treatment world. Our strategy is to deliver a total solution to the municipal and industrial customers we serve, from initial project consultation to on-site field service, and to help ensure the best, most cost-effective and reliable long-term solution to their water treatment challenges.

Locations: Minneapolis, MN and Ames, IA


Jon Harger, President

Mellen specializes in providing process and flow control equipment to municipal and industrial customers in the Midwest and Central U.S.

Locations: Omaha, NE and Kansas City, MO


Dorner Products, Inc.

Tim Ruesch, President
Gary McMahon, Vice President

Dorner Company is a manufacturer’s representative specializing in equipment for water and wastewater treatment plants, power plants, industrial processing facilities and original equipment manufacturers. Our commitment to and our partnership with the industry’s premier manufacturers, as well as a vast selection of valves, actuation, and other fluid process control equipment allow us to provide the best product package to fit your needs.

Locations: Milwaukee, WI


Koester Associates

Mark Koester, President
Peter Radosta, Vice President

Koester represents industry leading manufacturers of water and wastewater treatment and pumping equipment. Covering New York State, Long Island and northern New Jersey, we work with our customers to apply the right solutions for their greatest environmental benefit. Specializing in water and wastewater engineering, operations, maintenance support, sales and service. Koester works with municipalities as a partner with engineering firms, maintenance personnel, engineering consultants, and contractors.

Locations: Syracuse, NY and Kinnelon, NJ

Sherwood Logan

Sherwood Logan and Associates

Bob Fairweather, President and Board Director
Ed Zalewski, Vice President
Jon Casarotti, Vice President
Pat Foley, Vice President

Sherwood-Logan has grown into one of the premier providers of water and wastewater treatment equipment. Sherwood-Logan has the ability to provide the technology and equipment mandated by the regulatory environment. We represent the manufacturers recognized as the best in the business and provide the value-added technical support service to assure success.

Locations: Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington DC

Automatic Systems

Automatic Systems

Bruce Wirth, President
Lane Stewart, Vice President
Travis Moran, General Manager
Ryan Willis, Senior Programmer

Automatic Systems Company is an Industry Leading provider of water, wastewater, and industrial controls with a proven history of innovation and excellence. Our experienced sales staff, programmers, technicians, and project engineers are here to serve you. Automatic Systems provides a full service, in-house panel fabrication facility that can handle your assembly project from beginning to end and our full staff of experienced and knowledgeable field service technicians are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Locations: Minneapolis, MN and Ames, IA

Kennedy Industries

Mark Hemeyer, President and Board Director

Jeff Nachtweih, CEO, Kennedy Industries

Kennedy Industries is Michigan’s leading pump, valve, control, and specialty products representative. Our sales engineers, account managers, customer service specialists, and project coordinators ensure the best customer service in the market.

Locations: Wixom, MI and Grand Rapids, MI